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Who We Are

Classic Cuisine Foods is proud to represent a wide range of quality products in the Food Industry, in both food service and retail divisions. Based in Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Classic Cuisine holds to heart the idea of strong customer service and connection with its vendors, distributors and customers to provide the best service.


Our History

Classic Cuisine Foods has come a long way since its inception as the food brokerage division of Ameurasian Trading Corp. in 1995. Originally set up to deal strictly in the retail sector, more that 70% of the now independent Classic Cuisine’s business is food service.

When John Falcos, the company’s founder and General Manager made the decision to start up Classic Cuisine Foods, it was to allow him the freedom to choose only those products he believed in to sell. “Putting together a series of product lines which complement each other without competing is sometimes like walking a tightrope, but we work very closely with the manufacturers we represent, and we are proud of what we have to offer our customers.”